Life’s Posers.

Every person, at one time or the other in his life, has to ponder over some questions which life poses and perplexes. Some of these questions are:
1. What is the purpose of life?
2. Why do good people suffer more and the evil one’s thrive?
3. Why are some extremely poor and some extremely rich?
4. Why do some people die young suddenly; why does not life let go of some people
who desperately cry out for death or are in coma for years?
5. Why me? (when a series of tragedies or misfortunes strike a person repeatedly
one after the other?

Every one struggles with such questions though apparently, as far I could see, no one comes up with a convincing answer.And people carry on with lives anyway which is all any one can do.And the right thing to do too.

Thinkers and philosophers have grappled with such questions. They have had long discussions and debates, written chapters and verse, given lectures and held discourses and even offered answers. For example, some say that the purpose of life is to realise God. Some say that what happens to us is the result of of what we have done in our previous lives ( which answer also offers an incentive for good behaviour in this life).Some explain away things by saying that it is the will of God.Such answers do not leave any one much wiser though some consolation may be derived.

The reference to God again raises a question about existence of God.
while a small proportion of the world’s population are skeptic about the existence of God, a very large proportion, including some scientists unreservedly accept it. I (a very insignificant lay man)am one of those who accept God, and all attributes associated with Him e.g. omnipresence, omnipotent, compassionate, just etc. As part of this belief, I believe that God has decided that humans will be better of without knowing answers to some questions and has accordingly kept them as secrets to Himself. I think, for example that it is futile to worry about the purpose of life once we get it as an unsolicited gift or have it thrust on us. It is the creator who has to have a purpose for creating something and to decide whether revealing this purpose conforms to his scheme of things. Humans have to wade their way using the resources they have been given.

for example

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