Nationalism & Highbrows

Following the events in JNU, earlier in Hyderabad University and later at Jadavpur University, the country has had the benefit of quite a few learned discourses on Nationalism by eminent professors, historians etc. I have noticed that while dwelling at great length on their own thoughts about the definition of nationalism as also on the writings of some great past thinkers on the subject, they have avoided referring to the slogans raised which are at the heart of the subsequent problems with the police and the government. The nearest some of them have come to the issue of the slogans is to state that India is not so brittle that it would crumble under the sound of a few slogans.

I wonder if, in the course of their deep and extensive learning, these great exponents of nationalism came across what is known as the butterfly theory. An unnamed writer has said that “when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world.” “Monarch Butterfly” is a metaphor for the scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can change the course of universe for ever”.(What was under comments by the lecturing historians in this case was not one small incident, but reverberations of a jihadi thought in 3 Indian universities). All big conflicts have small beginnings.

I wonder what these learned thinkers would say to a few mortars being flung at us from across the border. Would any thing less than an atomic explosion be big enough to arouse their concern?

Whatever may or may not happen to the country, I am sure the learned professors & historians would be comfortably ensconced in their air-conditioned studies to continue their contributions to the contemporary thought leaving it to the relatively less learned police men and the jawans to deal with what happens on the streets or at the borders.

These eminent persons apparently want the relatively less learned police men and politicians to be liberal to the student sloganeering and ignore their mis-steps. Would it be too much to expect from the eminences that now that legal process has started, let it take its course and the let the matter be judged by the courts where all those interested will doubtless have the opportunity to present their case for and against the accused. The best historians and professors can assist those appearing for the accused.

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