Wonders of the World

Some talk about the seven wonders of the world that I heard today set me thinking. The seven listed wonders are mostly monuments. I wondered why the list of wonders is limited to monuments. Are monuments the only wonders?

The dictionary defines “wonder” as “a cause of astonishment or admiration”. We normally experience astonishment when we see something new that is out of the ordinary or intrigues us about how it looks or works. Something that we see routinely, even though astonishing or intriguing, will not make us wonder.It strikes me that if we ponder a little deeply or closely, most things natural will appear as wonders. The sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, the hills, rivers, the plants, the animals are all really wonders but do not astonish us. But if we consider how each of these is made or created and how it performs it assigned role in the universe, we cannot help but conclude that they are indeed wonders.

The greatest wonder of all creations perhaps is man himself or the human race. One cannot but arrive at this conclusion when anatomy and functioning of various parts of man’s body structure is even superficially analysed. The human brain is perhaps one of the greatest wonders as it has made possible the creation of innumerable other wonders in the world.

It will be an impossible task if one were to contemplate listing the wonders created by nature. And the wonders created by man may also defy enumeration. The computer is perhaps the greatest wonder created by man. The aeroplane, the railway engine, the automobile,the radio, television are among the countless other wonders created by man.

So I think it is not wholly correct to say that the world has just 7 wonders. The world in fact is full of wonders that just cannot be counted.

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