On Love – Of Various Kinds

“Inspirational Quotes” tweeted on twitter yesterday what they called “15 Best Quotes about love”. I found that they all related to love between opposite sexes.

2. It appears that sex so overwhelmingly dominates our thoughts these days-at least of the adult and adolescent population- that any reference to love is taken as only referring to sex. I have my doubts if the attraction, and interaction, however affectionate for the time being, between two persons of opposite sex, can be correctly categorised as “love” (I know of course that this has been so from times immemorial and the best of poets and laureates have sung innumerable odes and written reams of verse in this vein).

3. My doubt arises because the term’love’ is also applied in relation to various other objects like mother, father,son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, neighbour ,even village, city and country. If one examines the meaning of the word in the dictionary, it seems to have some essential ingredients: selflessness, affection loyalty and benevolent concern. The dictionary no doubt also defines, as a separate category, love as “attraction based on sexual desire”. It is noteworthy that this definition excludes selflessness.

4. My objection is to the use of the word ‘love’ to cover both love of a noble kind (mother’s love for the child or the soldier’s love for his country where even one’s life is put on stake for the sake of the object of love) and the baser kind (love for the person of opposite sex) which has desire as an essential ingredient.

5. Love with other objects mentioned by me in para 3 above has a degree of selflessness and is sans any element of desire. The element of desire detracts from the sanctity the word ‘love’ otherwise may command.

6. Of course I may be lacking in a proper perspective. But I felt rather strongly in the metter and could not resist venting the same.

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