Hate Sin, Also the Sinner

We have been told by the prophets and the scriptures: Hate sin, not the sinner.

I would think that this needs elaboration.

For where is the sin’s sting without the sinner’s collaboration? Sans the sinner, sin would remain a mere abstraction.Sinner is the vehicle which helps sin to reach its target. The target is also selected by the sinner.
Therefore, the sinner deserves his share of the hate. Whether he should be punished or pardoned is another matter.
But we are all sinners. Each of us has committed one or more sins at one time or the other in his life.

Each of us deserves to be hated for the sin or sins he/she has committed.

But each of us has other identities too. Each one is, say, a father, a son, a husband, a practitioner of an occupation: a human being to sum up.

Each one of us deserves justice for all our identities.

The world generally judges us a whole (sum of all identities) but may also hold us accountable for any particular identity in isolation.

Therefore, a sinner should get hated for the sin he commits but also receive due justice for the sum total of his other identities as a human being.

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