India Deserves Better

The Times of India, New Delhi’s prominent national English daily, cited the following as the quote of the day in its November 28 edition:
“Tomorrow someone who doesn’t eat Patanjali biscuits may be declared anti-national”

2.Nothing more than a ludicrous childish pun, its selection as the “Quote of the Day” culled out of the proceedings of the “litfest”(literary festival) where several celebrities made profound observations on issues of the day, downgrades the status of the news-paper as also of the “litfest”. May be it reveals a mind set in the news-paper.

3.The author of the pun was no other than Kanhaiya Kumar, a student leader who won his ticket as political leader in the country after a demonstration by students of JNU under his leadership in which some “anti-national” slogans were shouted. He was one of the student leaders arrested and charged with “sedition”. He is at present out on bail.

4.The process of law is slow in this country and this enables those charged to roam about with their heads high exploiting and availing to the hilt the freedoms granted under the Constitution of the Country and abusing the country at the same time.

5. Not that legal judgments bother them much. One of the slogans shouted in the demonstration mentioned above was: “Afzal, hum sharminda hain, tere katil zinda hain” (Afzal, we are ashamed that your murderers are alive”. Now, Afzal was hanged after being sentenced by Courts, including the Apex Court of the country. So the worthies are ashamed that the judges of the courts still live.

6,While participating in the ‘litfest’ Kanhaiya also questioned his being labelled as “anti-national”. But in the process he gave a definition of ‘anti’national’ which condemned him. He said:”You have to first decide who a nationalist is. ….Only those who don’t believe in the Constitution are anti-national.” Now, does he claim that those shouting the slogans (Bharat tere tukde hon ge”. (India you will be dismembered, “Jang rahe gi”. (There will be war till then) and those who shout they are ashamed of certain judges being alive, believe in the Constitution?

7.The student leader. while participating in the lit-fest also sought to lecture Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his duties as P.M. He said: “Like I am accountable to students I represent, Narendra Modi will have to assure Parliament about demonetisation. Rone dhone se kaam nahin chalgas (Crying about it will not do)” Now, in the first place who is doing “rona dhona”. Certainly not Narendra Modi. If at all, he is roaring at all platforms. The analogy about student leader vs.students and Narendra Modi vs. Parliament is also wrong. It should be Narendra Modi vs. people. Modi is also not shying away from Parliament, Only point of contention is the rule under which discussion in which he is to intervene should take place.

8. One can only say that India deserves better.

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