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The resounding win of his party in the elections to the largest State in the heart of India, Uttar Pradesh, made the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi  revive the talk about a New India. In a radio talk on Sunday, March 26, the Prime Minister said: “It is neither a government scheme nor a political party’s manifesto nor a project. It is the essence of  the emotions of 125 crore Indians wanting to come together  and create a magnificent India” He further added “when there is talk of New India, its criticism, its analysis and its counter views  are natural…… But it is true that if 125 crore Indians resolve, the dream of New India can be fulfilled in our life time”.

2.  I wish to state that as far as the people of India are concerned, the yearning for a new India has always been there. They fought the battle of freedom from Britain and made all the sacrifices for a new India. When the country won its Independence in 1947, the people naturally hoped that a new India would emerge. But the people were badly let down by those who inherited political power from the British. Not only the same administrative structure was continued, there was no attempt to change the mind set of those manning the structure. There  was so little palpable change that people  in the course of time brought themselves round to accept the reality  that only colour of skin of the rulers had changed and new India  would remain a dream. The situation has persisted for the past 70 years though the people have tried to extract some positive outcomes during the years through the power of voting. I do believe that Narendra Modi is one such positive outcome.

3. The Prime Minister has said that New India is not a government project nor a party manifesto. Yet it appears to me that from the common peoples’ point of view, the first pre-requisite of a new India has to be the installation of an administrative (including police) structure that cares and works for the people. The present set-up is practically unresponsive to peoples’ needs and aspirations.. This is obvious from the thousands who turn up at the Janata Darbars held by various Chief Ministers, Ministers and representations in hundreds of thousands received by the Prime Minister daily. When Mr. Arvind Kejriwal tried to hold a Janata Darbar on  taking over as Chief Minister of Delhi in 2015, there was virtual stampede with hundreds of thousands turning up. The adminstrations are also not upto their primary task of securing compliance with laws for whatever reason. It turns out, for example, that abattoirs shut down in UP on taking over   of the  new BJP Government were functioning illegally for years. Other illegal activities also continue under the nose of the administrators and the police who obviously wait for political signals before  doing what their duty otherwise calls for.

4. Another pre-requisite for a new India is delivery of justice in reasonable time. In this regard, the less said the better as far as the present situation in India, after 70 years of Independence is concerned.It can be no body’s case that mere resolve of the people can solve this problem. Only a concerted effort by the Government and the judiciary can do so. The same can also be said about the problem of corruption in services and by politicians. In fact, the emergence of new India calls for a host of other endeavours  by the Government, like the creation of infra-structures, reform in education, pro-growth economic policies that a mere resolve by the people cannot bring about.

5.The political parties have not covered themselves with glory in the matter of transforming India . The responsibility for  failure to reform the administration and the  police can be safely laid at the door of the politicians. It is to be hoped that the 2014 election to Lok Sabha and 2017 election to UP assembly will prove the turning point.The intention of the Prime Minister in transforming India cannot be doubted. It is to be hoped that the purification of political parties will get a push and the rest will hopefully follow.























mmam in 2015 on taking over as Delhimanifesto.

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2 Responses to . New India

  1. cj says:

    Totally agree. It is imperative that judicial delivery system is not only fair but prompt. It is the certitude of being able to avoid recompense that makes people behave arbitrarily and why laws remain on statute books. Perhaps a judicial system that works for common man

  2. junejasc says:

    Unfortunately, the will to reform appears to be lacking. It is considered sufficient if you swear by the poor and the common man just to gain power..

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